About Us

SAIRAM CHEMICALS is one of the fastest growing pharma companies in India. We are committed to provide quality pharmaceutical Intermediates and other specialty products. Our cutting-edge technology and our wide R&D and production experience are at each client’s disposal in order to provide them with a high-quality service at a competitive cost. The production essentially aims at the high-quality level of the manufacturing process and at competitive prices. We offers a range of products widely used in Pharmaceutical industries. It has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities on an expanding scale to top-of-the-line multinational and Indian companies. SAIRAM CHEMICALS is actively committed in the development of new products and most of its energy is focused on reaching new pharmaceuticals presentations.

Why choose us?

  • Customer focus

    Delivering customer satisfaction by listening to and exceeding customer expectations. Adding value for our customers through our services. Seeking innovative solutions to help our customers achieve their goals

  • Quality

    Delivering quality in all our work; providing accurate results on time, Using the best appropriate technology and methods. Seeking to improve or change our processes
    for the better
  • Competence and Team Spirit

    Employing a team of talented and competent staff, Investing in training and creating good career opportunities Recognizing and encouraging outstanding performance
  • Integrity

    Behaving ethically in all our business and financial activities Demonstrating respect towards our customers and our staff Operating responsible environmental policies